What's up with the oil on top?

Photo of someone stirring a jar of Spread The Love Peanut Butter

Do you ever wonder what's up with that oil on top of your Spread The Love® nut butter? Well, here's a little video to explain the why's and how's. 

So why is there is oil sitting on top of your nut butter? Natural peanut butter does that...well...naturally. 

It starts with the grinding process--during grinding, nuts release their oils. When the nut butter sits in room temperature, the oil in its liquid form slowly rises and sits on the top of the jar. 

You'll want to keep that oil because it's what gives your peanut butter and almond butter that creamy texture you love so much. As Zach demonstrates in the video above, you have some options. You can: stir, shake, flip and/or fridge it. 

Some producers of nut butter may choose to add stabilizers (like rapeseed or palm oil) to prevent separation from happening--so there is no need to mix the oil back in. Maybe it's just us, but we like to keep it simple when it comes to our products. 

Our NAKED organic peanut butter and UNSALTED almond butter are made without any added  oils. We don't add any other ingredients except some love, but the rest of it: 100% nuts. 






  • I like nutbutter that you stur if it is healthy for me.

    DawnMarie Lasky on
  • I would preferred to have something pure, so that means separation of the oil is going to happened. So be it. Just stur it. PURE IS GOOOOOD.

    Ziko on
  • I’ve heard that it’s healthier without the added oils. That is, the natural oils in the peanuts or other, real nuts have less saturated fat and more of the other, healthier kinds.

    I find it quite easy to just turn the jar over.

    Was the above just a troll? In case of that, I won’t react to the rudeness, except to apologize on behalf of the general public, and thank the author of the article for providing information.

    Anne Davidson on
  • Keeping it simple, as you say, is a bad idea. Who wants to spoon a butter from a jar with dripping oil? Only an idiot. Keeping it simple is stupid. Put an agent in the butter that keeps it solid.

    Charles Holmes on

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