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Are you a grocery store, restaurant, ice cream parlor, smoothie shop, fitness studio, bakery or any other kind of establishment in need of a clean-label and premium nut butter?
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  • NAKED Organic Peanut Butter (15 lb. pail)
  • CREAMY UNSALTED Peanut Butter (15 lb. pail)
  • LIGHTLY SALTED Peanut Butter (15 lb. pail)
  • UNSALTED Almond Butter (15 lb. pail / 40 lb. pail)
  • BASIC Cashew Butter (40 lb. pail)
  • ALMOND CASHEW Almond Butter (15 lb. pail)
  • CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT Butter (9 lb. pail)
  • ANY NUT/SEED BUTTER (15 lb. pail / 40 lb. pail)available upon request
  • NAKED Peanut Butter / UNSALTED Almond Butter Packets (30-pack)

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Spread The Love® Foods is family-owned, clean-label manufacturer of nut/seed butters and jams. We take pride in the way we make our premium products accessible to fit the foodservice and grocery sectors. Our small team is passionate about providing the best customer experience by keeping an open line of communication and offering quick solutions to day to day challenges.

When you partner with Spread The Love®, you join our #SpreadTheLoveFam.

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