A bowl of peanut butter and peanuts

“ Each of us can use a simple and delicious reminder that the world needs more love. Here it is.”

A pile of peanuts and crumbs

Our Story

Once upon a time, a young couple planning their wedding decided that jars of homemade peanut butter would be the perfect token of their love and appreciation for their guests. So they endeavored for weeks in their tiny Los Angeles apartment grinding down peanuts to make just enough jars of PB to give out to their friends and family. This is how Zach and Val Fishbain started out in 2013- not just as newlyweds, but as partners and co-founders of Spread The Love®.

Nobody at that wedding, certainly not Zach or Val, could have imagined that a simple idea to make something nutritious and delicious would blossom into an assortment of clean-label food products sold throughout the United States and internationally.

While our team and product line continue to grow, we take immense pride in remembering that Spread The Love® has very humble beginnings and none of what we've created since then would be possible without the support of each and every customer who has been part of our incredible journey. Thank you for helping us Spread The Love!

“We are proud to be a certified Minority and Woman-Owned Business.”

Our Mission

We believe in nourishing our bodies, feeding our souls and fueling healthy lifestyles. If it's not good enough for us, then it's not good enough for you. That's why our singular mission is to make the healthiest, most delicious food products available without compromising nutrition or quality.

Val Fishbain


Zach Fishbain


Eloy Yndigoyen

COO/CFO/Head of eCommerce

Maddy Bishop

Digital Marketing

Jenna Shirkey

Social Media

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Our History

Zach and Val on their wedding day showing their wedding rings

date, 2013

Zach and Val give out jars of homemade peanut butter at their wedding

Zach and Val selling Spread The Love Peanut Butter at the farmer's  market

date, Jan 2014

First farmers market sales in LA

Zach and Val with their daughters 

date, 2015

A growing family and products available in more retail locations

1st trade show Fancy Food Show in SF

date, FEB 2016

1st trade show Fancy Food Show in SF

Old Spread The Love UNSALTED Almond Butter jar

date, OCT 2016

Almond butter was launched

Amazon Logo

date, 2017

We're finally live on Amazon

Zach and Val at the Spread The Love cart at the  "Los Angeles Rive Gauche" exhibition in Paris 

date, 2018

Brought STL to Paris for Le Grande Epicerie/ Le Bon Marche Exhibition

Zach and Val Fishbain at Spread The Love Forward Fundraiser benefiting the homeless

date, OCT 2018

Spread The Love Forward Fundraiser benefiting the homeless

Spread The Love Team at the Spread The Love Booth in Expo West 2019

date, 2019

Team expansion

iHerb Logo

date, 2020

Now available in 150+ Countries through iherb.com

date, 2020

Spread The Love Forward Scholarship

Zach and Val Fishbain posing with Spread The Love Products

date, 2021

Disrupting the Food Industry

heart shaped photos of employees

date, 2022

Team Addition

Val & Zach Fishbain on Amazon Accelerate main stage

date, 2023

Amazon Key Note Speakers

CPSDA Sponsors Poster with Peanut Butter

date, 2024

Sports Nutrition Venture

The Fishbains in Korea

date, 2024

Market Expansion: Korea