In nut butter jars and life–simple is better

no palm oil here

If you don’t know about our story–we started Spread The Love® because a lot of food products out there have so many additives, preservatives and junk that don’t need to go into food, and into our bodies. Grocery shelves are full of nut butter jars that have sugar, hydrogenated oils, and other undesirable ingredients. Ours are made of only the highest quality nuts and nothing else, because these natural treats really don’t need anything else. All our products are made with love–it’s actually one of the main ingredients–honest!

Now let’s talk about Palm Oil. It’s one of the additives that DO NOT need to go into your food. It doesn’t add flavor and it’s been problematic for a long time. Palm Oil has been associated with deforestation, endangering orangutan and elephant habitats, even human rights violations. A published study found that it can cause toxicity and is classified as highly saturated fats that increase the risk for coronary heart disease. Earlier this year, the European Food Safety Authority deemed it a possible carcinogen. Big popular brands like Justin’s and Nutella use it in their spreads to get that creamy texture and longer shelf life, claiming that they use sustainably sourced palm oil. This is not a secret and it is up to the consumer to choose for their own households.
For us, simple is better. So the next time you see some oil separation in our natural nut butters–know that we just want you to have the good stuff, none of the junk.
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