Preparing for (gulp!) Coronavirus

COVID 19 safety

Everyone's worried about the Coronavirus. We are too. More and more cases are being confirmed here in the United States and fear has taken over. Let's try to change that. Take back some control (and sanity) by minimizing the risk to those near and dear--our families and communities. 

(1) Stay at home as much as you can. You may have been hearing the phrase Social Distancing a lot lately and for good reason. We now know that Covid-19 carriers can spread it before they even know they’re sick, for up to 2 weeks! Go outside if you need to but thanks to the internet we can do most things online--especially shopping.  

(2) Keep it clean. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. Disinfect surfaces and discard facial tissue immediately after you use them. Keep touching anything with your fingers to a minimum (yes, even your own face) and use knuckles or elbows to press elevator buttons. 

(3) Eat whole nutritious foods and take your vitamins. It's always a good time to start eating organic nutrient-rich foods in case we need to fight off disease. Up your intake of fruits, vegetables and superfoods like goji berries, quinoa and chia seeds. Probiotics from yogurt and kefir keep your gut healthy and keep the immune system strong. These vitamins come from real food only. If you're stocking up the pantry, you can still go for healthier options. We have a list of our trusted Clean AF certified brands here to help you choose.

(4) Buy enough supplies, but don't overdo it. Stock up on prescription medicine you need and essentials like soaps, detergent and toilet paper to last you for a month. But be considerate! Remember that you have neighbors who need stuff too. 

(5) Relax and stay positive. It's easier said than done but remember that stress can affect your immune system. Breathe, meditate and maybe do a little yoga to help your body and mind fight off sickness, whether it's Coronavirus or the flu. 

Buckle up people. It will probably be a while until we get a vaccine for Coronavirus so preparation is key. Let's hope we can fight it off and stop it from spreading. And hey, we can still spread the love through smiling instead of giving hugs and hand shakes. 

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