Clean AF Certified Brands

May 16, 2019

Here at Spread the Love®, we truly believe in eating foods that are pure, healthy and made with love. From our single ingredient spreads, to our organic peanuts, to our locally sourced, steam-pasteurized almonds, we make foods you can trust and foods that you feel good about. In the simplest terms, we make foods that are straight up Clean AF

That’s why we started the #CleanAFCertified movement this year. We believe you should expect more from food makers. So we're creating a community of brands that create high-quality foods that you can count on to be clean and healthy for your family. Here's a list of brands we're partnering with, and that we've given the #CleanAFCertified stamp of approval! 


KitchFix's grain-free granolas and waffles are crafted to incredibly high standards, limiting ingredients like grains and refined sugars that can put stress on the body. There are no secret ingredients - only the good stuff!


The team at Little West believes that cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients - which is why their first priority is to use locally-sourced, high-quality produce in all their juices. They pride themselves in their long-running relationships with their farmers and their knowledge of how their produce is grown. This passion and respect helps them to create the highest quality and best tasting product possible.



All ingredients used to create the delicious oatmeal cups at Mylk Labs are responsibly sourced and carefully traced to ensure that their products use only the highest quality ingredients available. While their convenient, delicious products draw people into their community, their love and support for good health brings them back again and again as family.


Founded by professional pilates instructor and mother of two Jessica Luengo, Naturally Clean Eats creates all-natural real food bars that taste as good as they are for you. With zero processed ingredients, flavors, sugars, sweeteners, additives, protein powders or supplements, these bars are made with ingredients you can pronounce and truly enjoy eating.







New York Apple Sales is the most diversified grower marketer in New York State. They team with the best growers in New York to deliver fresher apples, greater choice, superior quality and outstanding service to customers across America and around the world.




Portlandia Foods creates classic condiments with organic ingredients, healthier standards, and a whole lot of love. We love how they partner with local distributors and farmers to create products that are certified organic and GMO free and never contain high fructose corn syrup. Their condiments are good for your health, your palate, and the environment.



Spudsy innovates good-for-you and good-for-the-world superfood snacks that never compromise on taste, nutrition, or sustainability. They upcycle nutrient-dense sweet potatoes into delicious snack food that the whole family can feel good about (and have fun) eating!





Tea Drops are a unique and delicious way to brew tea, using 20% less waste than traditional tea bags (not to mention infinitely more delicious)! Using high-quality, American-made ingredients, Tea Drops also supports organic production, fair trade wages, and clean water aid.




Tribalí Foods creates products that help its customers live well and eat well in a busy, tasty world. They are committed to real, single-sourced ingredients and a sustainable supply chain, and everything they use is raised, grown, or gathered as humanely and as sustainably as possible.



The founders of Wildway believe that "life should be one wild adventure." With their variety of healthy breakfast options, they inspire others to live a healthier, fuller life. Wildway also has a robust program for giving back called "We Rise," which aims to foster positive and lasting change in society and local communities.

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