Clean AF Certified Brands and Influencers

Clean AF Certified Brands and Influencers

Here at Spread the Love®, we truly believe in eating foods that are pure, healthy and made with love. From our single ingredient spreads, to our organic peanuts, to our locally sourced, steam-pasteurized almonds, we make foods you can trust and foods that you feel good about. In the simplest terms, we make foods that are straight up Clean AFThat’s why we started the #CleanAFCertified movement this year. We believe you should expect more from food makers. So we're creating a community of brands that create high-quality foods that you can count on to be clean and healthy for your family. Here's a list of brands and influencers we're partnering with, and that we've given the #CleanAFCertified stamp of approval! 


 #CleanAFCertified Brands


The word Belcampo in red letters on a white background Belcampo is a farm, butcher shop, and restaurant experience. Since 2012, they’ve led the way in reinventing how things are done to bring customers the best organic meat possible. Their animals are raised on their farm at the base of Mt. Shasta in California, where compassion and sustainability is paramount. The result is meats that are more delicious, better for you, and better for the planet. 
A woman holding a glove, representing the Bobos logo On a rainy afternoon in 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter “Bobo” baked oat bars that soon became a Boulder, CO cafe favorite. Bobo's oat bar has since captivated loyal fans nationwide, with no compromise to the original recipe, small-batch baking process, or mother-daughter tradition. 
Bonafide Provisions logo Bonafide Provisions was created by a mom and clinical nutritionist who used bone broth as the cornerstone of her nutritional practice. Their high-quality bone broths are traditionally made with no shortcuts, no preservatives, and no crap!
California Fresh logo Founded by an autoimmune disease sufferer looking to change her habits and improve her health, Cali'flour Foods creates low carb and grain free cauliflower products that actually satisfy your cravings so you can maintain your healthy lifestyle! 
North Bean Organic Fair Trade Roasting House. A cozy coffee shop with rustic decor and a warm ambiance Earth Bean Coffee is an eco-friendly roaster in Los Angeles committed to providing 100% Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ coffees. Their goal is to provide people with coffee that they can feel good about.
Eco-friendly Foods Initiative logo Effi Foods creates plant-based foods that are backed by science, and inspired by nature. Their chickpea granolas and probiotic CareBars are made with real whole food ingredients, and are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. 
Fancypants Baking Co logo FANCY > Fake. Fancypants Baking Co. is a family-owned and operated cookie company that bakes cookies with simple, clean, ingredients including cage free eggs and fruit and veggie based natural food dyes. Their cookies are also completely peanut and tree nut free!
Logo for 4th and Heart Fuel Happy Fourth & Heart makes high-quality, delicious ghee, a superfood alternative to your other everyday butter. Made by simply cooking and filtering butter, it becomes lactose free, shelf-stable butter oil that's both delicious and packed with health benefits. 
Logo for Good Mylk Co Goodmylk Co. creates the most delicious organic, homemade almond mylk on the planet. Their mission is to share the power of REAL food with as many people as possible by putting out products that are truly nutritional, functional and made with only REAL food - no binders, fillers, preservatives, or ingredients that aren't real food products!
gr8nola logo design gr8nola makes delicious & clean granola made with organic coconut oil. No GMOs, dairy, soy or refined sugar. gr8nola strives to be the "best granola you've ever tasted" while using ingredients you'll feel gr8 about eating!
Imperfect Produce logo Imperfect Produce delivers healthy, delicious fruits and veggies directly to your door - they just happen to be a little less "perfect" than their 30% more expensive grocery store counterparts. By sourcing "ugly" produce, they're reducing food costs, raising food-waste awareness, supporting farmers, creating good jobs, and celebrating imperfections! 
Logo for Kitchen Fix
KitchFix's grain-free granolas and waffles are crafted to incredibly high standards, limiting ingredients like grains and refined sugars that can put stress on the body. There are no secret ingredients - only the good stuff!
Lava logo with green letters Made with plant-based, real food ingredients, Lavva is not like other yogurts. It's packed with healthy probiotics and prebiotics, is completely dairy-free, and is made without added sugar, gums, or added stabilizers. Their secret is no shortcuts! 
Logo of Little West
The team at Little West believes that cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients - which is why their first priority is to use locally-sourced, high-quality produce in all their juices. They pride themselves in their long-running relationships with their farmers and their knowledge of how their produce is grown. This passion and respect helps them to create the highest quality and best tasting product possible.
The logo for MagicDates Magic Dates makes on-the-go date bites that are plant-based and gluten-free, with no added sugars. Made from the ancient fruit that has nourished humanity for thousands of years, these nutrient-dense bites are fulfilling and delicious! 
Mylk Labs logo
All ingredients used to create the delicious oatmeal cups at Mylk Labs are responsibly sourced and carefully traced to ensure that their products use only the highest quality ingredients available. While their convenient, delicious products draw people into their community, their love and support for good health brings them back again and again as family.
A beautiful sunset over a calm ocean with vibrant orange and pink hues reflecting on the water Natierra® offers unique and innovative superfoods with a strong commitment to foster social progress and sustainable business through organic and Fair Trade practices, while feeding people in need through the Natierra® Feed a Soul Project.
Naturally Clean Eats logo
Founded by professional pilates instructor and mother of two Jessica Luengo, Naturally Clean Eats creates all-natural real food bars that taste as good as they are for you. With zero processed ingredients, flavors, sugars, sweeteners, additives, protein powders or supplements, these bars are made with ingredients you can pronounce and truly enjoy eating.
Logo of New York Apple Sales
New York Apple Sales is the most diversified grower marketer in New York State. They team with the best growers in New York to deliver fresher apples, greater choice, superior quality and outstanding service to customers across America and around the world.
The Osso Good Company logo The Osso Good Company makes their bone broths and paleo soups with only the best ingredients. Their nutrient-dense foods are made with organic ingredients that are also gluten free, Whole30 Approved and Certified Paleo. The Osso Good team are very proud to make their own bone broth in small, controlled batches to ensure the quality is always consistent and the taste is always amazing. 
The Partake logo displayed on a vibrant orange background Living with food allergies can make you feel cut off from the rest of the world. Finding fun, easy, healthy foods that you can trust — and that your kids will love — might seem impossible. That's why Partake Foods makes super delicious, real and healthy, allergy friendly foods. Their snacks are free of the Top 8 Allergens so your family can eat safely, healthfully, and deliciously — even on-the-go.
Portlandia Foods logo
Portlandia Foods creates classic condiments with organic ingredients, healthier standards, and a whole lot of love. We love how they partner with local distributors and farmers to create products that are certified organic and GMO free and never contain high fructose corn syrup. Their condiments are good for your health, your palate, and the environment.
The Soulful Project logo The team behind The Soulfull Project believes that one person can make a difference and change the world. For every serving of The Soulfull Project's delicious hot cereals purchased, they provide a serving of their cereal to a regional food bank in your area. On top of all that, their products are made with clean, healthful ingredients that taste amazing. 
Wildway logo with green arrow pointing upwards
The founders of Wildway believe that "life should be one wild adventure." With their variety of healthy breakfast options, they inspire others to live a healthier, fuller life. Wildway also has a robust program for giving back called "We Rise," which aims to foster positive and lasting change in society and local communities.
Suncore Foods logo
When four high school friends refused to accept boring or tasteless healthy food as the norm, their only option was to create a company committed to breaking the stereotype of healthy food tasting bland and forgettable. Today, Suncore Foods creates products that contain simple, raw and natural ingredients, with the majority of products non-GMO, vegan, and plant-based. Suncore Foods is committed to empowering generations to live a vibrant, colorful and healthy lifestyle—one superfood at a time.
Tea Drops logo
Tea Drops are a unique and delicious way to brew tea, using 20% less waste than traditional tea bags (not to mention infinitely more delicious)! Using high-quality, American-made ingredients, Tea Drops also supports organic production, fair trade wages, and clean water aid.
Torri Labs logo Torii Labs is a natural health company that offers a high performing line of natural health tonics and online tools to support you in your path to becoming your supernatural you.
tribali foods logo
Tribalí Foods creates products that help its customers live well and eat well in a busy, tasty world. They are committed to real, single-sourced ingredients and a sustainable supply chain, and everything they use is raised, grown, or gathered as humanely and as sustainably as possible.


 #CleanAFCertified Influencers

Photo of Rachel Conners - (Bakerita

Rachel Conners - Bakerita

Rachel is a baker and recipe developer with a passion for nut butters & creating easy, mouth-watering desserts and baked goods. She’s been baking and blogging for almost 10 years, and now focuses on recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. We love how her recipes are not only decadent and delicious, but are straight-up Clean AF!

Photo of Kruti Shah (Cultivate With Kruti)

Kruti Shah - Cultivate With KrutiThrough her blog and Instagram account, Kruti shares her journey from disordered eating to balanced living. She is a plant-based recipe developer, food stylist, yogi, and lover of all things related to health & wellness. She aims not just to nourish the body with her healthful, whole-food recipes, but to nourish the mind and soul as well through cultivating more love, passion, and creativity in our lives.

Photo of Amy
Wilichowski - (Eats by Ames) Amy Wilichowski - Eats by AmesCurrently studying dietetics at the University of Connecticut, Amy is on her way toward becoming a registered dietitian. When she’s not studying or in class, she creates recipes that are healthful, balanced, and nourishing. Her dietetics education has shown her that what we put into our bodies are key contributors to overall health and wellness, so it’s important to treat our bodies with respect and love!
Photo of
Leah Goldglantz (Leah's Plate) Leah Goldglantz - Leah's PlateLeah is a health enthusiast, wife, and mama of two based in South Florida. Her blog and Instagram account focus on embracing whole foods to nourish the body. Her recipes are quick and easy to make, proving that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We especially love her delicious, kid-friendly recipes!
Photo of Melissa Cay Todd - (Melliecay) Melissa Cay Todd - MelliecayMelissa’s background makes her a unique blend of marathoner, yogi, book worm, and adventurer. She received her BS in Exercise Science, then moved to Los Angeles where she received her Master's Degree in Public Health. Through her blog and on Instagram, Melissa shares her every day journey to living happy, healthy, and active!
Photo of Olivia Noceda (olive.eeeats) Olivia Noceda - olive.eeeatsOlivia (sometimes called Olive) is a yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA. She has made a commitment to living a happy lifestyle by eating clean and intuitively, and nourishing her body with what feels right in the moment. Through her Instagram account, she shares delicious clean eating ideas, healthy living inspiration, and alllll the realness.
Photo of Caitlin Greene (Star Infinite Food) Caitlin Greene - Star Infinite FoodCaitlin is a certified nutritional consultant, private chef, athlete, health advocate, and Instagram foodie. Her recipes incorporate fresh, organic, and sustainable foods, and she also focuses on allergy-friendly and diet-specific cuisine. Just one look at her Instagram page will prove how beautiful, colorful, and delicious clean eating can be!
Photo of Elissa Goodman Elissa Goodman is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Los Angeles, California. After her own wake up call with a cancer diagnosis at the age of 32, Elissa attended the American University of Complementary Medicine for Integrative Nutrition. Elissa understands that proper nutrition is vital to living a fulfilled existence, and specializes in helping people achieve optimum health levels through cleansing and nutrition.



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