Our Almond Cashew Power Butter is Having a Moment

Almond Cashew Power Butter Jar on pedestal with pink background.

Trending now is our ALMOND CASHEW Power Butter, which means it’s the perfect time to hop on the this train. It is the best tasting, all-natural nut butter blend to add to your pantry with only 2 whole ingredients - almonds and cashews. It is vegan and keto-friendly since it is high in unsaturated fat and has no added sugar. 

We love our ALMOND CASHEW Power Butter for so many good reasons and so does everyone else! See for yourself: 

Clean Eating - Best Vegan Snacks: “It is packed with protein, vitamin K, and healthy fats to give you an energy boost and sustain you until your next meal.” 

22 Words – Best Vegan Snacks: “Made from two simple ingredients (almonds and cashews), the Spread The Love Vegan Snack is incredibly low in carbs and super-high in healthy fats.” 

Amazon’s Choice: Amazon Review from Julie: “This was one of the best nut butters I have tasted in a very long time. I intended to just taste a dab on the end of a spoon. But that is not enough! The creamy texture and smooth flavor will seduce you into making way more of a dent in the jar than you had in mind. Better buy two!” 

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