Monte Cristo Sandwich

Two Monte Cristo Sandwich stacked on top of each other



  • Step 1 -
    Start by preheating your countertop grill or panini press
  • Step 2 -
    Begin assembling sandwiches, layering 3 slices of turkey, followed by two slices of swiss cheese onto a piece of bread
  • Step 3 -
    Layer with 3 slices of ham, then top with the other piece of bread.
  • Step 4 -
    Gently position the sandwich on your grill or panini press and close the lid, pressing down just slightly on the sandwich to secure the sandwich.
  • Step 5 -
    Allow to cook for 5-7 minutes, or until cheese is melted and you have grill marks on your top slice of bread.
  • Step 6 -
    Remove from grill and spread half of the mustard and jam under the top piece of bread.
  • Step 7 -
    Repeat steps for second sandwich, dust each with powdered sugar, and enjoy!
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