Marionberry Jam Sangria

A little Spread The Love twist on a Sangria.  Our Marionberry Jam adds a little more depth and sweetness to the Sangria.  We fill it with winter fruits and herbs to make it the perfect festive drink to serve to a crowd.   

Serves 16

Prep Time 10 Minutes


1 Jar Spread The Love Marionberry Jam

2 Bottles of 750ml Lambrusco (Red Sparkling Wine)

2 Blood Oranges Sliced Thin

1 Cup Pomegranate Arils

1 Mini Crab Apples Sliced

1 Cup Fresh Cranberry

1 Cup Fresh Sage Leaves

1 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves 


Decant the jar of Spread The Love Marionberry Jam in a super large pitcher or punch bowl.  Pour in the Lambruscoand add in the fruit and herbs.  Mix well and leave to sit for about 30 minutes before serving.  Pour over ice.


To make a virgin version replace equal parts of sparkling wine with either grape juice or kombucha.


Marionberry Jam Sangria

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