Air Fryer Feta Stuffed Olives

Plate of Air Fryer Feta Stuffed Olives
Something a little different from your usual olive routine? This is a dare to try recipe for anyone who loves olives. Salty, crunchy and cheesy- so delicious! Featuring our MARIONBERRY Artisan Jam in the center mixed with feta cheese and coated in our ALMOND BUTTER Granola - these feta stuffed olives will be the talk of your next party. 



  • Air Fryer


  • Step 1
    Rinse & drain olives, pat dry.
  • Step 2
    Pulse ALMOND BUTTER Granola in blender 3-4x
  • Step 3 - Divide into 3 bowls
    - Flour + Cinnamon - Eggs, beaten - ALMOND BUTTER Granola
  • Step 4
    Mix Feta & MARIONBERRY Artisan Jam. Stuff olives w/ coated Feta.
  • Step 5
    Dip each into flour, eggs, then granola.
  • Step 6
    Transfer to air fryer basket. Fry at 400° 5 mins, turn, fry additional 2-3 mins
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