Partner Spotlight: South Block

Partner Spotlight: South Block Smoothie Bowl.

Opened in 2011, South Block is THE go-to local shop for smoothies, juice and acai bowls. Known as Northern Virginia’s first cold-pressed micro-juicery, they’ve expanded to 11 stores serving fan favorites like the Warrior Bowl and the Super Green Smoothie.

South Block’s successes is driven by a mission to build healthier communities...ONE BLOCK at a time!  South Block represents the idea that small acts can have big impacts. In addition to spreading good vibes and focusing on serving real ingredients to their customers, they also launched the non-profit Fruitful Planet.

Through partnerships with local farmers, schools, and non-profits, Fruitful Planet is helping to raise awareness, funds and deliver produce to help serve underserved communities.

South Block is truly a community hero and here at Spread The Love we’re honored to partner with them! You can find our UNSALTED Almond Butter in a number of their menu items. 

Check out our interview with South Block CEO Amir Mostafavi!

And if you’re not in the DC area, get your South Block smoothie fix with Bowl Kits. They ship nationwide!

Spread The Love: South Block is founded on the idea that small acts can have big impacts. This mission is embedded in everything South Block does - from supporting fair trade acai to launching Fruitful Planet which has donated over 33k lbs of produce to those in need! What's the most gratifying moment you've had since opening your doors in 2011?

South Block: There are so many moments of gratitude! Hard to choose just one… We have focused so much on our company culture, hope and opportunity as we started growing.  We not only wanted South Block to be a place where people could be proud to be a part of, but also a place where they could grow personally and professionally. So being able to offer healthcare to our team was a huge deal and something we were so grateful to be able to do.  

STL: South Block recently launched Bowl Kits so that people can make their own smoothie bowls at home without a blender. The kits also ship Nationwide and make the perfect Stay-At-Home meal! What's next for Bowl Kits in 2021?

S: Bowl Kits was born because it is in our company DNA to take problems and find solutions that make us better! Bowl Kits was a response to the pandemic. People could not get to us, so we wanted to get our bowls to them and make sure their freezers were always stocked with South Block smoothie bowls! This idea accidentally evolved into a brand that is now growing nationally! We are so excited about our upcoming new website and branding launch! We are so excited about our new packaging and flavors we will be launching throughout the year! We have also created some amazing partnerships with some amazing people and brands, like Spread the Love. Connection to community has been key to South Blocks success and we plan to connect with each community we are a part of across the country!  2021 will be an awesome year for Bowl Kits!

STL: What are your tips for people who want to follow South Block's mission and implement positive small acts in their daily lives?

S: Take it one day at a time… small steps.  We call this “Building Blocks”! You don’t have to build your house all in one day… take it one block at a time! 

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