Partner Spotlight: Earthbar

Earthbar is a longstanding health and wellness institution - offering a better way of being through nutrition tailored to individual needs. They strive to provide holistic health solutions by offering vitamins and supplements, fresh grab-and-go meals, and healthy snacks. With 32 locations, primarily throughout California, they partner with products they can stand behind. This includes Spread The Love®! Earthbar uses our UNSALTED Almond Butter in their deliciously healthy smoothies and acai bowls.

We connected with Earthbar to learn about health and wellness. Check out our interview below and sign us up for the 1-on-1 nutrition consultation!

Spread The Love: EarthBar’s flagship location in LA’s West Hollywood has been open since 1971. That’s 49 years! What is your secret to success?

Earthbar: Earthbar is the original pioneer of promoting healthy living through nutrition & supplementation - or as we say today, Empowering Well-Being.  We are deeply committed to offering the best quality products and always listening to what our guests have to say, and suggest.  Offering nutraceuticals, vitamins, smoothies, and healthy foods that are all thoughtfully crafted with intention truly helps us stand out from the crowd and offer the best solutions possible for a lifestyle of well-being.

STL: How has wellness evolved over time and what’s next?

E: Wellness has been evolving for quite some time, from taking single vitamin supplements to alternative diets, to more recently— a combination of healthy eating, vitamin supplementation, and exercise.  Wellness or well-being, is truly becoming a lifestyle and as it continues to grow and evolve, look for hyper-personalized wellness solutions.  Whether that is nutrition recommendations based on your personal gut bacteria microbiome, to specialized vitamin and even fitness recommendations based on your personal genetics. Select Earthbar locations now offer 1-1 nutrition consulting with certified experts. We’re also in the works of developing several exciting new menu items with functions that are intended to help promote energy, detox, immunity, to name a few.

STL: What makes Earthbar different from other health & wellness bars?

E: Earthbar has always been focused on more than just the smoothies.  Founded with the intention to combine best-in-class nutraceutical formulas and whole food based nutrition, food has always been our medicine.  From offering deliciously nutritious smoothies and bowls, to cold pressed juices and snacks - everything we create is thoughtfully crafted to help you look and feel your absolute best.

STL: What’s Earthbar’s favorite way to use Spread The Love® UNSALTED Almond Butter?

E: We love almond butter for many reasons, if we had to name one it would be the healthy fats and we absolutely love it in our smoothies! Some other ways we enjoy it are adding it as a topping to an acai bowl, adding almond butter to our Muscle Up smoothie, and my personal favorite is to eat it straight out of the jar.

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