Barry's Fuel Bar

At Spread The Love®, we believe in nourishing our bodies, feeding our souls and fueling healthy lifestyles. That's why our partnership with Barry's is so important to us.

If you're into fitness and don't know about Barry's yet, then definitely read on. Their high-intensity workouts in their signature red rooms are a sure way to make your body feel great while getting whipped into shape. There's no better way to nourish yourself after a hard workout than one of their nutrient-packed smoothies from their fuel bars.  

Barry's is our one of our oldest food service partners. They incorporate our creamy peanut and almond butter into their amazing smoothies to add muscle-building protein and awesome flavor. Our favorites include the Superfood Flex, Skinny PB and Barry's & Brunch!

This month we interviewed Katie Wang, Curriculum Development Manager and Founding Trainer at Barry's. Read more about how, like Spread The Love®, Barry's is working to improve the health of their community and bringing them closer together. 

1. Over the last few years, Barry’s has exploded in popularity! What do you think is the secret formula to getting everyone invested in their health? 

I believe the special sauce with Barry's is the strong sense of community we have. It's easy to find myself unmotivated to work out on my own but when I think about all the friends I get to see in the studio or how I can connect with my fellow instructors on Barry's X it gets me excited! 

2. At Spread The Love®, our community means everything to us. Can you tell us what community means to you and how you connect with them?

That's definitely one thing Spread the Love® and Barry's shares - community is at our core. During the pandemic, it was especially important to work to keep the community connected which is why we put an emphasis on community with our newest digital offering, Barry's X. It's easy to connect in person, but when faced with the challenge to stay connected while physically apart, our team worked tirelessly to make it a priority. With Barry's X, you can opt in to let your fellow classmates and your instructor see you which is so cool because you get to know Barry's members from around the country! As an instructor, I love when I see familiar faces whether it's online or in the red room. 

3. Everyone loves a treat that makes them feel good, both through amazing taste and quality ingredients. Can you tell us a little more about Barry’s Fuel Bar and the amazing smoothies that you offer?

My favorite smoothie from the fuel bar is definitely the Green Latifah. I love being able to taste the Spread The Love® UNSALTED Almond Butter in it and if I want extra crunch, I'll throw the STL Almond Butter Granola on top! 

4. As we are coming out of the pandemic, so many people are taking this opportunity to reinvent their lives. We look at food and fitness as two ways to do that. What do you believe are the first steps to get back into fitness? 

The first step is just signing up and showing up. Getting back into a fitness and health routine can be so daunting so often times the hardest part is the first step - to make it easier I always encourage reaching out to a friend and asking them to join you on that journey. Taking class together is a surefire way to kickstart your fitness routine while also being able to connect with loved ones! 

5. We all want to be safe as we move out of the pandemic. What is Barry’s Bootcamp doing to make sure that people can feel safe and welcome as they start hitting the gym again?

Right now, we are following all local government mandates to keep our community as safe as possible. However, we understand some people may still not be able to return to in studio at the moment, which is why we created Barry's X, our digital studio! Our goal with Barry's X is to keep the red room energy alive and the community thriving so that we know even when we're apart we're together at heart.

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