Five Ways to Reuse Nut Butter Jars

Spread The Love Jars used for craft storage

Unsurprisingly, we go through a lot of jars of nut butter in our house. And as a result, we also find ourselves with a lot of empty nut butter jars lying around. Fortunately, the jars we use to bottle Spread The Love® products are completely recyclable (just be sure to rinse them out before recycling) - so there’s no hard feelings once we’ve reached the bottom of the jar! And because the jars are made of BPA-free durable plastic, we also feel good about reusing them over and over again. In fact, we love reusing them so much, we thought we’d share five of our very favorite ways to re-use our Spread The Love® nut butter jars!

Spread The Love Jars being reused for smoothie

The first (and perhaps the most delicious) way we love to reuse our jars is by filling an almost empty jar with a smoothie - those last bits of almond butter mixed with a sweet smoothie are absolute heaven! Lee from America came up with this brilliant idea, and we love her for it. Once you’re done with your smoothie, you can wash out your jar and recycle it, or even use it again as a drinking glass.

Spread The Love Jars being reused as a paint brush cleaner

For the artists out there, we love using our jars as a container for cleaning paintbrushes. There’s no need to worry about getting a real glass dirty, and once you’re done, you can also use the jar to store paintbrushes while they dry. Pretty perfect!

Spread The Love Jars used for craft storage

The crafty among us (or those of us with crafty kids) will enjoy using cleaned, empty jars to store leftover craft supplies. They’re a great way to keep your pompoms from getting mixed up with your confetti glitter (the horror!). For extra visibility, you could even remove the label from the jar. Bonus tip - if you’re having trouble removing the leftover adhesive from the label, try rubbing the residue with a little olive oil on a paper towel. This is a natural and effective alternative to chemical removers.

Spread The Love Jars used for a plant pot

Maybe your talents are less artistic, and a little more garden-variety? (Ha.) Then you may enjoy using old jars as planters for small flowers and herbs. They fit perfectly on a windowsill, and are tall enough that with a few stones set in the bottom beneath your soil, you can even make room for drainage. Or for some spring blooms indoors, try poking some toothpicks into a bulb (hyacinth and paper white narcissus work well) and suspending it over a clean jar filled with water to “force” the bulb. It’s an especially fun science experiment to try with older kids! 

Spread The Love Jars in a bag being reused as snack container

Last, and definitely not least, is one of the most practical uses we’ve found for these durable jars: portable snack containers. They’re just the right size for easy locating in your bag or purse, they’re sturdy enough to keep your snacks from getting crushed, and they won’t break if dropped while out on a hike! Plus, they’re light enough to carry around all day long, and they even fit in some car cupholders. Basically amazing, right? In a perfect world, we’d be able to run our business without creating any waste at all - but unfortunately, we’re just not there yet. In the meantime, we are committed to doing the very best we can with the resources available to us as a small business, and we'll keep finding new ways to reuse and recycle as much as we possibly can. We hope you join us in finding creative new ways to re-use your nut butter jars!

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