Clean Eating Magazine named us a 2022 Clean Choice Award Winner!

Clean eating is kind of our thing. So, we couldn't be prouder to announce Clean Eating Magazine recently named our NAKED ORGANIC Peanut Butter as one of its 2022 Clean Choice Award winners in the "Pantry Staples" category. 
Each year, hundreds and hundreds of brands submit bids for the annual award.
Once a brand submits their bid, Clean Eating Magazine assesses their products based on a few factors, including whether they partner with other companies that engage in ethical labor practices, whether the company is BIPOC or LGBTQQ+-owned and, of course, what ingredients are used in making the product. 
After the grueling evaluation process is finished, only about 50-60 brands emerge as winners.
This is actually our second time winning the award—we won it in 2018, as well—and we think this shows our commitment to sustainability, workforce diversity, and only using ingredients you know and trust! 

Clean Eating with our NAKED ORGANIC Peanut Butter

We're guessing the question you're asking yourself is what makes our NAKED ORGANIC Peanut Butter "clean." It's simple. We only use one ingredient: double ground, organic peanuts. We don't add any artificial thickeners or preservatives, so when you open a jar of our peanut butter, you know you're simply getting creamy, drizzly goodness. 
Our dedication to clean eating doesn't stop with our tried-and-true formula for peanut butter, though. If you ask us, a commitment to sustainability should be a part of any clean food brand. That's we only use non-GMO, organic peanuts in our peanut butter. We also make it without ingredients that play a part in worldwide deforestation, like palm oil, so you can eat deliciously and sustainably. 

How to eat clean with STL products

Whether it's our NAKED ORGANIC Peanut Butter or our ALMOND CASHEW Power Butter, you can feel confident you're eating clean from the first bite. And the best part is you can use them in pretty much any recipe! You can spread them on your sandwich or add them to the batch of brownies you're planning to make. 
Give our peanut butter a try!
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