Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Picture of Val Fishbain to celebrate Filipino American History Month.

Celebrate Filipino American History Month with us! If you don't already know our very own Co-Founder, Val Fishbain, immigrated from the Philippines when she was 15. Much of her experience as a Filipino American contributes to her work as a conscious food maker here in the U.S. Here is her story:

Growing up in the Philippines, I was taught to mostly eat real home-prepared foods such as vegetables, fish, chicken, pork and fruits. My family ate other things but these were the most cost effective nutritious items of food my family could afford. Processed and fast foods such as chips, hotdogs & burgers were easy and available but my mother discouraged it. I knew, at a young age, that the healthiest foods were the ones you pick from a tree in the backyard -- closest to the source. I believe this is still the case and it rings true to our mission here at Spread The Love®. We pick the best real ingredients to make our spreads and never add any extras or even palm oil just to prolong the shelf life. We try to go back to basics.  Healthy food tastes good and should be good for your body too. 

To honor this month even further, we wanted to share our favorite Filipino American-owned food brands that we think you would love too. Please buy these products online and in stores:

Photo collage of Filipino American brands



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