Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with us!

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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Spread the Love Foods is an AAPI-owned small business—and we couldn't be more proud to say it! 
Since this is month is so near and dear to our hearts, we want to recognize some of our favorite AAPI-owned small businesses. These companies are not only bringing new and diverse perspectives to their respective fields but also creating products we absolutely love!
So, if you want to celebrate AAPI Heritage month, be sure to check out and use your purchasing power to support a few of these amazing AAPI-owned brands.

Kaya Essentials

The word "kaya" means "we can do it" in Tagalog. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise skincare and lifestyle company Kaya Essentials sees itself as a change agent in the world. 
Founded by Filipino-American social entrepreneur Sara Ku, Kaya Essentials seek to make a positive impact on the world by investing in high quality, yet sustainable, ingredients, and directing their earnings and company resources toward worthy causes. Their skincare products are made using cold-centrifuged organic virgin coconut oil, which supports healthy skin while minimizing environmental impact. And, they donate a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits focused on providing children with free meals in The Philippines and United States. 
Visit Kaya Essentials' website to learn more about their products and all of the work they're doing to make the world a better place of all of us! 

Mylk Labs

For Mylk Lab founder Grace Cheng, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. 
Before starting a seemingly endless day as a student at the University of Southern California or as a fashion model with Mark Jacobs, she always enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal. It was a source of constancy in what was an otherwise whirlwind career journey. She thought others might value that "warm, good morning hug" a great bowl of oatmeal offers in the morning, which inspired her to launch Mylk Labs in 2018.
With the values of "flavor, nutrition and convenience" guiding the business, Mylk Labs use locally-sourced ingredients and, whenever possible, works directly with local farms. You can learn more about Grace's story here.

Maya Kaimal

Indian food is delicious. Whether you order a curry or vindaloo dish, you know it's going to be an explosion of flavor. 
But, in North America, we often aren't getting the full picture. Most Indian restaurants in the United States and Canada offer Northern Indian cuisine, which usually contains dairy and toasted spices. Southern Indian food, on the other hand, usually includes ingredients we associate with Thai food, such as coconut milk and curry leaves. Maya Kaimal brings flavors from the entire subcontinent to your kitchen, from simmer sauces to instant chana. 
The company's founder, Maya Kamal, is an accomplished author. Her first cookbook, Curried Favors, won the Julia Childs Best First Book award. All of Maya Kamal's products are inspired by the founder's upbringing as the daughter of a South Indian father and a New England-born mother, as well as her family trips to India. 
To see more of what Maya Kamal has to offer, visit their website


Nearly all of us use and dispose of too much plastic. And that's a problem. 
Plastic doesn't easily biodegrade. So, after we've finished using, say, a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and toss it into the trash, it's taken to a landfill. The good news is it will eventually break down. The bad news is that it will take hundreds of years. And, during that time, it can enter waterways and pollute our oceans. 
This massive problem inspired Sarah Paiji Yoo to found Blueland. Blueland sends its customers kits that include acrylic bottles and cleaning solution tablets, with options including hand soap, window and glass cleaner, laundry soap and home cleaners. The customer then simply fills the bottle up with warm water and drops a tablet in. Within minutes, it's ready for use. All of their packaging is also recyclable, making Blueland one of the most environmentally-conscious cleaning solutions on the market today. 
Find out more about Blueland's ambitious mission by visiting their site today! 
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