Homemade Strawberry Glaze Soft Serve Sundae

copycat homemade version of Erewhon's Strawberry Glaze Soft Serve Sundae made with Spread The Love Peanut Butter

We've been obsessing over Erewhon's new Strawberry Glaze Soft Serve Sundae made "Hailey's Way". However, we wanted to SPREAD THE LOVE with everyone, not just Los Angeles locals so we created this homemade version! Using all the same ingredients as Erewhon, this creamy coconut base dessert topped with  Spread The Love peanut butter, Hu chocolate chips, and a sweet strawberry glaze is sure to be your new favorite treat!


    • 1/2 pint Cosmic Bliss Plant-Based Coconut Ice Cream
    • 1/2 lb Driscoll's Organic Strawberries
    • 2 tbsp Zuma Valley Coconut Whip
    • 1 tbsp Spread The Love NAKED Organic Peanut Butter
    • 1 tbsp Hu Kitchen No Sugar Added Chocolate Chips


    • Step 1 -
      Strawberry Glaze: To a saucepan, add strawberries (washed and quartered) with 1/8 cup water (and optional 1 tbsp honey or maple syrup)
    • Step 2 -
      Bring the strawberry mixture to a boil, mash the strawberries with a potato masher or fork and reduce to a simmer. Continue to cook for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.
    • Step 3 -
      Remove the sauce from the heat and allow it to cool until it comes to room temperature (you can expedite this by placing it in the refrigerator or the freezer).
    • Step 4 -
      Once the sauce is room temperature, purée it until smooth with a hand blender or a traditional blender.
    • Step 5 -
      Finally, strain the glaze through a fine metal strainer and put aside for later.
    • Step 6 -
      Soft Serve: To a blender or food processor, add ice cream along with coconut whip, 2 tbsp of the strawberry glaze, and 1 tbsp milk of choice. Blend until smooth. Push sides down or pulse as needed.
    • Step 7 -
      Once smooth, transfer soft serve to a piping bag with star piping tip. This is optional, but gives it the signature soft serve swirl.
    • Step 8 -
      "Hailey's Way": Prepare your cup/bowl by drizzling peanut butter in vertical rows along the inside.
    • Step 9 -
      Pipe the soft serve into your cup/bowl using a round, swirling motion.
    • Step 10 -
      Top with more strawberry glaze, peanut butter, and chocolate chips and enjoy!
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