Diversity And Inclusion Artist Series

The mission of our Diversity and Inclusion Artist Series is to spread the love through art by celebrating artists that come from different backgrounds. Our initiative was created to celebrate the love we have for our community of diverse backgrounds. We are deeply touched by art and its impact to both the artist and the observer.

The artists we specially choose to be part of this series are ones whose messages inspire us - their work on their own art and community. We hope to spread the artist’s own message of love by displaying their art & story on our jar labels.

*These limited edition jars are only available while supplies last.

Series 2

For the second installment of the Artist Series, we wanted to bring together a Palestinian artist and an Israeli artist to collaborate on the design.

With this intention in mind, we began our research, and it wasn’t long before we discovered the works of Kanaan Kanaan – a Palestinian born in a refugee camp in Jordan – and Yael Ergas – an Israeli born in Tel Aviv.

At surface level, these artists seemed as different as different could be. But Kanaan and Yael are true artists. Not just because of their remarkable talent, but because they easily see beyond what separates them and create art to celebrate what brings them together.

NAKED Organic Peanut Butter

From $10.99 - $59.95

Series 1

Our first commissioned artist is Melissa Koby. Melissa is a Jamaican born, Tampa based illustrator who made a special design for our NAKED Organic Peanut Butter that are now exclusively available throughout Erewhon Market stores in Los Angeles, CA for a limited time. Read our interview with Melissa below. And, feel free to learn more about the artist at kolormekoby.com


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