If you are interested in applying to any of the following positions, please email your resume and cover letter to You might just get the opportunity to work with Zach and Val + have endless supply of the best nut butters and jams.


We are looking for a social media/marketing intern to help us boost our followers and sales through social media platforms, mainly Instagram and Facebook, influencers, blogs, and perhaps SEO, while building their own portfolio and range of experience.

Our intern should be familiar with social media marketing and be able to help us set and meet goals for our stores. We also hope to find someone who understands and likes the brands we are building, and who truly cares about helping further our online stores. In addition to gaining valuable experience in their field, interns will be compensated on commission for the revenue they generate through our stores!

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
- You are a Spread The Love® brand ambassador in everything you do
- Concept and write social posts
- Build relationships and engage on social media
- Meet or exceed daily productive goals
- Manage time efficiently and effectively
- Communicate professionally via social media
- Overcome customer reluctance when applicable
- Support marketing campaigns

- Major in Marketing or a related field
- 1+ year experience of social media marketing
- Strong interpersonal communication skills.
- Self-motivated
- Must have knowledge of social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
- Attention to detail in composing, typing, and proofing materials, establishing priorities and meeting deadlines.
- Strong organization skills and creativity.
- Be proficient at communicating ideas and thoughts via phone and social media.
- Possess a positive attitude and be driven to achieve their best.
- Able to think outside of the box and over come obstacles on their own
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We are looking for a BRAND AMBASSADOR to help us boost our sales at stores that carry our products. 

Would you be described as social, energetic, reliable, and outgoing? If so, our part-time Brand Ambassador role may be the perfect fit for you! 

Key Responsibilities: 
• Execute in-store demo events at local stores in the LA/OC area such as Erewhon, Mother's Markets, Cooportunity Market & Deli, Urban Radish 
• Prepare and sample products to grow brand awareness and promote sales 
• Develop a genuine customer connection through exemplary customer service 
• Excite and educate shoppers about product key features 
• Independent set up/break down of event 

• Enthusiastic, friendly and self-motivated 
• Excellent communication skills 
• Daily access to a computer/smartphone
• Ability to lift up to 20 lbs
• Ability to stand comfortably for 4 hours a day
• Food Safety knowledge
• Experience in customer service, food service, sales, or retail a plus but not required

Spread The Love® Brand Ambassadors