PB&J Two Ways

Plate of four fruity taco style PB&J 's

One a fruity taco style for the kids and the other filled with caramelized bananas and bacon for the grown ups. 



  • Step 1 - For The Fruity Taco PB&J’s
    Flatten out each of the bread slices using a rolling pin or jar. Next using a large cookie cutter or large jar cap cut out circles out of each of slices of bread.
  • Step 2
    First spread on some Spread The Love Naked Peanut Butter and top with Marionberry Jam.
  • Step 3
    Then sprinkle on the blueberries and diced apple. Fold in half to look like a “taco”. Garnish with mint if you want.
  • Step 4 - For the Adults Only PB&J
    Cook bacon according to package directions. Leave to rest on some paper towels to soak up any oil
  • Step 5
    Drizzle a bit of butter in a non stick pan and cook the bananas until caramelized just on one side. About 1 minute. Repeat for the rest of the banana disks.
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